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The Approch to food is no fuss, no non-functional garnish, minimalist approach. 

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Slab is a contemporary restaurant that draws from the rich culinary heritage of Chef Omar Rodriguez. We focus on seasonal menus, high quality and creativity. The service is casual, smart and fun.


Our cuisine is contemporary, modern and we draw inspiration from all corners of the globe.  it’s an open kitchen with adjacent chefs table, where the guest and chef interact to create a unique dining experience. The dining room is sleek yet comforting and near enough to feel the heat of the kitchen.


Slab is a platform where a world traveller-foodie and a passionate chef come together to explore the possibilities with food.  Always seeking for that AH HA!! moment.  A bite bursting with flavour and creating an emotion and a memory that’s forever lasting.


In keeping highest standards without taking ourselves too seriously; SLAB is about great food, quality, keeping it casual, small, fun, social and always wanting to come back for more.


 A unique concept that is rare in Dubai. 

Ready For A Feast This Weekend?

Dine in with your family and friends at SLAB Test Kitchen and indulge in a wide variety of dishes. Take a look at our menu and choose your favorites!

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04 298 8899

Mercato Mall, Dubai 

Safa Park, Dubai


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